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Playstation 5 Specifications

How fast will be the PS5?

CPU (Processing Power)
GPU (8K Graphics)
RAM (Memory)
Hard Drive
Disk Drive
Operating System
3D Audio
Internet / Network
Dualshock 5 Controller
Playstation Plus 2.0

Internet Network

Current Predictions:

  • Possible of 4G or 5G Network

Right now the major goal is to bring internet to everyone in the world. You may think of the internet as something everyone has, but there’s a majority of the world that still has yet to be connected. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is already on the task with something called Loon where they plan to deliver 3G-speed wireless internet to even the most remote places on the surface of the Earth. The project involves launching balloons 20 miles into the atmosphere to create a global network.

This would be possible through the use of 180 satellites. Of course, other companies like SpaceX and Facebook have their own plans to do the same thing. Facebook, for example, wants to send solar-powered drones to fly around the Earth for years and beam internet access.

Now let’s talk speed. Cloud-based or not, the PS5 needs to have fast internet. The problem is that the current networks in place are hiding behind walls and walls of red tape and politics. The National Broadband Plan is being deployed by the FCC and seeks to get 100-megabit speeds to 100 million American homes by 2020. These kinds of speeds would be a good start. These speeds would also be doubled in large cities where there is a need for faster speeds.

The Competition

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are on equal standing this generation. With PlayStation Plus at an all time high, Microsoft has been trying to keep up with their “Games with Gold” program, but the titles are rarely better in both quality and value to what you get on PS+.


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