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Playstation 5 Specifications

How fast will be the PS5?

CPU (Processing Power)
GPU (8K Graphics)
RAM (Memory)
Hard Drive
Disk Drive
Operating System
3D Audio
Internet / Network
Dualshock 5 Controller
Playstation Plus 2.0

Disk Drive

Current Predictions:

  • Physical Disk with Game Streaming Capabilities

The discussion around an optical disc drive for the PS5 revolves around the core concept that games have always been a physical thing. We’ve become more and more comfortable with digital downloads, which is leading people to believe the PS5 may ditch discs altogether. This assumption was wrong. The PS5 will include a disc drive.

Blu-Ray sales have been falling in recent years, and experts have declared them a dying format, but there doesn’t seem to be any rush to replace them. That hasn’t stopped new technologies from emerging though. Blu-Rays can hold up to 50 gigabytes, but we’re going to need more space for PS5 games.

Sony and Panasonic are developing a new replacement for Blu-Ray discs. The idea is to fight back against the rise of streaming content. These discs can hold more than 100 gigabytes a piece, which doubles the storage potential. Again though, we run into issues when games grow in size. Are we looking at a return to the days of multiple discs for longer games? The other option is, of course, digital downloads or streaming.

Sony has already been working on this with a service known as PlayStation Now. This is a digital streaming service where you can rent or buy games and play them over an internet connection. It’s not perfect, nor is it immensely popular in comparison to physical discs, but it does show Sony’s interest in the format.

If you’re worried about the PS5 ditching discs, you’ll be glad to hear that EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, believes they are going to stick around. Speaking during a Nasdaq event on December 5th, he revealed his opinion:

“Consoles and disc drives probably stay around for a long period of time. I think it’s the consumer deciding what’s the easiest way to for them to buy a game. And it may mean they no longer have a store down the street from them so they decide to buy digitally. Maybe it’s easier for them to do so.”

He went on to say that the download rate for EA console game is about 30%, but it’s at 80-90% on PC. These figures are expected to grow, but it shows that people are still happy to buy their games physically.

The Competition

While PS4 Pro decided to stick with a standard Blu-Ray drive, Microsoft came out ahead here with the Xbox One X and included a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive in the Xbox One X. Sony seems to think that streaming is the future of 4K, but this could also be them waiting to reveal a 4K drive in the PS5, or less likely, a new format entirely for PS5 games.

Microsoft also released an Xbox One S in May 2019 that doesn’t have a disc drive at all. While this is not replacing their current offerings, it’s the first system we’ve seen this generation that doesn’t support physical media.


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