PS5 Pre-Orders To Start In March 2020

A leak suggested that PlayStation 5 pre-orders will open next month


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A leak suggested that Playstation 5 pre-orders to start in March 2020

Playstation 5 | CREDIT: Concept Creator

The PS5 reveal event is just a few weeks away if the rumours we’ve heard so far have any truth to them and now we have a new leak that says that PS5 pre-orders will open in March.

The potential reveal of the console has so far been purported to take place as early as February 5, with the most recent whispers pointing to an unveiling set to take place on February 29 after Sony’s month-long “Experience PlayStation” event wraps up.

While those dates haven’t been confirmed, February 29 seems the more realistic of the two given that the world’s press isn’t going to descend upon Sony Hall, NYC, in just one day, which was the venue that the initial rumours had pegged for the event.

A larger venue, like the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center where the PS4 was shown to the world would make more sense, given its size. And a February date does align with the company’s previous console reveal schedule.

The only dubious thing about February 29 is that it falls on a Saturday, which doesn’t make much sense from a media coverage standpoint. Regardless, everyone is expecting to see the PS5 make its debut this month, with developers for the console even confirming that, and now we have a new claim of a March PS5 pre-order date.

The alleged pre-order date comes from Twitter user PSErebus who first made the claim last month, before the late February date for the reveal event started doing the rounds. They appear to have returned to Twitter after a month’s break with a slew of details about Sony’s upcoming console, doubling down on the March PS5 pre-order date.

Back in November, they also stated that “Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will launch PlayStation 5 (PS5) in several countries in the holiday season of 2020 and will make PlayStation 5 (PS5) available in North America on November 20, 2020 at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $499.”

The reason that information from this source is even being considered as legitimate is because they also leaked the original release date for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 – the long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel to 2013’s The Last of Us. While they haven’t divulged who their source is, they clearly have a connection somewhere; or took a very a lucky guess.

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The date certainly makes sense; we know that the console reveal is slated for some time this month, and that the media invites have’t been sent out yet, so it’ll be a couple of weeks at least. And a separate, dedicated event would have more of an impact than shoehorning it into Sony’s Experience PlayStation.

PSErebus also dismissed the PS5 slogan “It’s time to play” – which we first heard about along with the February 5 reveal date – saying, “It’s one of the slogans being used currently for PlayStation as a brand and has been used in PlayStation marketing since November 2019. You’ll get the slogan for PlayStation 5 at an event for PlayStation 5.” The slogan has popped up on the official PlayStation Europe account already, lending weight to their claims.

They also dropped few other titbits, tweeting that Gran Turismo 7 pre-orders will also be set for spring 2020, and that the DualShock 5 will be on display at GDC this year “after its initial reveal at a separate event in March.”

There’s certainly a lot of information coming from this single source, but with nothing but breadcrumbs to go on from official sources like game developers, and unconfirmed sources releasing reams of details about the upcoming console, we can really only speculate at this point and try to put the pieces together from what we do know. At the moment, March 5 for pre-orders seems like a safe bet, but as always, we’ll remain sceptical until the next inevitable leak.

If you’re itching to place your pre-order, you should check out our top PlayStation 5 games to look forward to while you wait.





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